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Hans Erwan: International Journal Post

September 10, 2020

Lately, I have been of the considering. It had been mine hope that events in mine own country would go well, but I am seeing that this is no longer a hope to be having. Therefore, I am making troubles to move to England where I can be getting mine own resources gathered.

I have very little, and am because of this asking for assistance. I have been keeping mine journal in mine trunk. Seeing it today, I have being thinking that I can ask the students of Hogwarts if they are having any comrades interested in sharing an... what is your word? Small? Crushed? Flat?


Are there any interested in sharing the expenses? I am not being very messy a person. I am having no strange story if not considering that I am avoiding mine family trouble in my country. For those not knowing, mine name is Hans Erwan. I am not to be being confused with mine cousin Clement and his dirty side of the family.

- Hans Erwan

MP Journal Entry 001

(OOC: All entries before this were from another game. Please ignore them.)
May 11, 2019

I have been thinking lately that I should be writing in this. Why have I not been? Well... the tournament has been occupying much time. Additionally, I am suddenly in the classes at Hogwarts. Until now, my headmaster has been instructing mineself and the others in our lessons.

Lately, however, he is being very scarce.

I am uncertain for why this is. It is not been mine place to question the Headmaster's business. Still... I wonder.

Kristian, have you noticed Headmaster Diederich's absences? Do you also believe he could be having amusement in London while we suffer here in boredom? I am thinking it may be true.

- Hans Erwan


Hans Erwan Post

Public Entry
Jan. 17th, Thursday

I am not being certain what I think of Hogwarts during this point. It is very impressive, and I am finding myself often lost. Is this not good? I have not yet decided. However, I think at last deciding on working on English has been helping. I was having nothing else to do these past months, and therefore I am thinking I am better.

Am I? I am not knowing for certain.

I am knowing that I will be spending many hours practicing wandwork now. English will be coming with every day's speaking. I am not yet being certain where spells are being allowed to be cast inside, so I am therefore deciding to practice outside by the lake.

The large creature in it... what is it? It was looking at me. I have been hearing 'giant squid', but I do not know if this is joking.

I am planning to submit my name during this evening. I will be winning. That is a promise.

- Hans


Hans Erwan: International Journal Post

Public Entry
Nov. 20th, Tuesday

Hello. I have been receeving mine journal to be finding out how the students of Hogwarts are. Mine name is being Hans Erwan and mine age is sixteen. I am being at Durmstrang Institute, which I will come from for Tri-Wizard happenings.

I am hating yours language. Why are Hogwarts student not to be speeking mine? Is being ridiculous. Speek mine, and I will be speeking English.

Until you are to be speeking mine, I am to be not speeking yours.

JEG hat Engelske. Hat den. Hvorfor gjøre JEG være nødt til å nedverdige meg selv å slik en onde - tanke - ut omgangsspråk når det studerer av Hogwarts vil ikke være plaget nok å aften høre god dag inne Norsk? Jeg bryr meg ikke hva de sier Jeg er ikke går å prøve å bli fint for den. Jeg være dårlig opp på hensikt hvis JEG vil gjerne.

((ooc: translation for the curious. XD: I hate English. Hate it. Why do I have to degrade myself to such an ill-thought-out language when the students of Hogwarts won't be bothered enough to even learn hello in Norwegian? I don't care what they say -- I'm not going to try to be good at it. I'll be bad on purpose if I want to.))

-- Hans


ooc: Hans Erwan Character Study

*scoffs* I'm totally not doing this instead of sleeping at 4AM. And if I am, it's all Halo's fault for doing one first. *blames*